Religie en filosofie

Know Before Whom You Stand

The prayers of Yom Kippur alternate between confession of sin and pleas for forgiveness. All this intense breast-beating and grovelling surely has its limits. In what way do we feel better at the end of it? What greater awareness have we come to? Certainly there is satisfaction at having committed our time and suppressed all our usual desires for a whole 25 hours and having done so in the company of our community. Personally I … [Lees verder]


Limmoed, a menu of Jewish texts and teachings, history and personal stories

brought together to make connections with the urgent issues of the day The Limmoed Nederland half-day meeting last Sunday brought together 200 participants, including 28 speakers (25 sessions; 5 tracks) and an army of Limmoed volunteers to manage the online ‘Rooms’.  From what I heard, participants and organisers alike were well pleased with the variety of offerings and the lively atmosphere of the lectures and discussion. The typical Limmoed event presents us with a menu … [Lees verder]