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Een uurtje gelukkig te zijn

Hoe zing je over onschuldige zonnetjes als je leven op het spel staat? In de moeilijke en angstige jaren 30 en begin jaren 40 speelden het Nederlandse cabaret en kleinkunst een belangrijke rol. Veel Joodse artiesten hadden hierin een bijzondere plek. Over deze vragen gaat de muziektheatervoorstelling Een uurtje gelukkig te zijn die op 3 en 4 mei in Amsterdam speelt.  Ken Besuijen houdt zich al jaren bezig met muziek uit juist die onzekere tijden. … [Lees verder]

Kijk- en Luistertips

Did the director really kill the father? Repertory Theatre is back, due to public demand

You might remember that we had many obstacles, bringing this brilliant awards-winning comedy to the Netherlands, due to the Corona… And because of the Corona curse, we had to postpone this feat a few times, as we were limited by the number of people allowed in the public, and some other ‘zures’. BUT! The three shows we did manage to arrange last year were such a success that many have asked us to bring ‘Repertory … [Lees verder]


Did the Lilliputians REALLY speak HEBREW?

Before we answer this question (in the affirmative!) let’s recap: Who were the Lilliputians?* You might remember them from the children’s story you read, years and years ago, supposedly written by one Jonathan Swift, about a sea-traveler who was stranded on Lilliput, a little island, where everything was twelve times as small as in our world. Well, this is part of the truth. Next month a new book will be published, in which the whole … [Lees verder]

25 jaar Stichting rainbow

The Future is around the corner, Israeli poetry, music and film

Shana Tova! It is so good to renew our Israeli cultural events in NL. In a couple of weeks we’ll be bringing a weekend of music, story and song, with local musicians and actors. Key artist is Nathan Slor, a renown musician, son of the celebrated poetesse Tirza Atar, and grandson of the most prolific and beloved poet Nathan Alterman. This is part of our on-going Israeli Stage Festival, aimed at bringing together the Israelis, Jewish … [Lees verder]