Religie en filosofie

Knowing Ourselves, Knowing God, Knowing Maimonides

In part 1 Jonathan Gill introduced a profound debate on Orthodox Thinkers on authentic belief in a modern world, in his review of the recently published essays in Strauss, Spinoza, and Sinai: Orthodox Judaism and Modern Questions of Faith. Difference between knowing and believing The much contested problem of the difference between knowing and believing, or, if we prefer, between philosophy and rationality on the one hand and religious faith and belief on the other, is … [Lees verder]


Orthodox Jewish thinkers on authentic religious belief in the modern world

In recent years the Jewish background of the French essayist Michel de Montaigne has attracted increasing attention, and rightly so. His motto, “que sais-je?” or “what do I know?”  perhaps better translated as “what do I really know?” or even better yet “how do I know?”  ‘How do I know’ goes to the heart of the way Jews have wrestled with their identities, morally and politically, not to mention religiously, long before Ja’akov went mano … [Lees verder]