Does Jewish weirdness need its own space? On the benefits of Limmud, and the No-State Solution of Daniel Boyarin

De Vrijdagavond vraagt een aantal sprekers op komende Limmoed Nederland een voorproefje te geven over hun lezing. Filosofiedocent Yonathan Listik trapt af.  Boyarin and Levinas on judeo-anarchist possibility My talk at Limmoed 2024 entitled The No-State Solution: Boyarin and Levinas on judeo-anarchist possibility will investigate the idea that Jewishness can be constructed as a non-nationalistic or even anti-nationalistic posture.  This is largely based on Daniel Boyarin’s last book The No-State Solution. The central argument of … [Lees verder]


“There where I live, there is my homeland”

What is more Jewish than the figure of the Jewish heretic? Are we not named after someone who wrestled with the divine? Then why do we vilify and not celebrate those who doubt, resist, defy, and question?  Perhaps because Jewish heretics tend to come in two deliciously forbidden flavors, the charlatan (Sabbati Tzvi) and the saint (Spinoza), and the authorities would have us believe that they are the same, or at least equally suspect.  Both … [Lees verder]