deel schilderij met rechts bruine tafel tegen rood-gele achtergrond

in this day and age?
hatred and envy?
who’s crazy?
with his big mouth?

ukraine: busy every day with them,
especially with a boy I know well.
lived with me for 5 years,
during that time, rewarded with his promotion.

he seemed to have a golden future then.
“dr.” for your name, something that feeds you.
now in service with the army,
rather than a shoe sweper?

who knows may say.
and please explain it to me.
I don’t understand anymore.
it hurts quite a bit though.

growing up with my dear parents war grief.
as if that wasn’t enough already.
and now this….with this sweet person!
I had a completely different wish for him.

Dima Bashlakov, student in Leiden, houseguest of the writer

cover: fragment uit aquarel van Eva Elbaum

Over Eva Elbaum 7 Artikelen
Eva Rachel Elbaum (1949 in Amsterdam). Haar Pools-joodse ouders kwamen in 1946 naar Nederland. Opleiding: Rosh Pina, Maimonides, Vondel-gymnasium. Psychologie aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam, specialisme 'Rogeriaanse kinderpsychotherapie'. Daarna volgde ze de psychoanalytische opleiding. Drie kinderen grootgebracht en acht lieve kleinkinderen.

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