Did the director really kill the father? Repertory Theatre is back, due to public demand

Two faces of men in golden frames, Rep Theatre

You might remember that we had many obstacles, bringing this brilliant awards-winning comedy to the Netherlands, due to the Corona…

And because of the Corona curse, we had to postpone this feat a few times, as we were limited by the number of people allowed in the public, and some other ‘zures’.


The three shows we did manage to arrange last year were such a success that many have asked us to bring ‘Repertory Theatre’ to NL again. So here we are.

Iftach Ophir and Erez Drigues

These talented Israeli actors, Iftach Ophir and Erez Drigues, do master the English language as if it was their mother tongue. Well, they’ve performed it already for a decade, all over the world, picking awards everywhere.

When I saw it for the first time, I was awe-struck: it is such a surprising play, and the acting is so vigorous, hilarious, well, out of this world. The talent of these two overflows the stage and engulfs the amazed public.

The play is about a young and timid playwright, who is invited by a neurotic, Hamlet-obsessed national theater manager to discuss his debut play. It turns out that the director denies that he ever invited the playwright, and there’s a dark and salacious secret behind the director’s forgetfulness. 

Did the director really have an affair with the playwright’s mother? Or with the father?

Did the director really kill the father, in an ‘accident’ on stage?

Some of the secrets are revealed, when the ghost of the father suddenly appears.

Yes, there are numerous references to Shakespear in this mad play…

Repertory Theatre, courtesy Stichting Rainbow

“Repertory Theatre” is a celebration of love to the theatre. It was written AND directed by its actors, Iftach Ophir and Erez Drigues, who give a superb, hilarious performance.

The funny, poignant music was composed by Ran Bagano.

I made a point of seeing it a few more times, and each time enjoyed it even more. 


Because the second act is a genius twist on the first act, and each time I saw the play, I discovered new, mind-boggling elements in the text and the acting. Superb!

So, if you were lucky enough to get tickets for the show last year, take your chance to enjoy ‘Repertory Theatre’, Iftach Ophir and Erez Drigues once again.

And if not – come see it for the first time – next week! 

The show in Hebrew will be on Friday, February 17th, 20:00

And the Show in English will be on Saturday, February 18th, 20:00

Both shows will be in a sweet little theatre in Amsterdam, and the address, as usual – for security reasons – will be given to ticket holders.

Find more info and get your tickets here.

* * *

Stichting Rainbow is celebrating its 25th anniversary, 25 years of social and cultural activities.

As part of the celebrations, I’m happy to share with you all the unknown stories about our projects – and the impact they created on people’s lives. I’m Erga Netz, the initiator and board member of Stichting Rainbow. In our early projects, I was the producer and editor and later became the director, too.

You can enjoy watching our past productions, via this link.

cover: Repertory Theatre, courtesy Stichting Rainbow

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Erga Netz is a cultural entrepreneur, producer, actress and author. Her debut novel, published in 2023, ‘Oh, Gulliver!’ is an historical, satirical, feminist, and at times, erotic novel, revealing what REALLY happened to Gulliver in his travel to Lilliput, and what did his loyal wife do in the meanwhile. https://www.mrsgulliversecret.com/the-book Erga netz is also part of the board of Stichting Rainbow, along Nir Geva and Sarah Whitlau, with Gilad Nezer as director and producer. In recent years we focused our activities on Israeli cultural and societal activities for the Israeli, Dutch Jews, and the general Dutch public.

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