Repetory Theatre, Israel’s top comedy show comes to The Netherlands

June 24, 25 and 26

fragment theaterstuk van Repetory Theatre

They come, at long last!

I’ve seen this awards-winning comedy already five times – and each time enjoyed it more.

It’s about a young, timid playwright who is invited by a neurotic, Hamlet-obsessed national theatre manager to discuss his debut play. When art meets production value things are never easy, but nothing could prepare this young man for the crazy ride he is about to take. As the room becomes crowded with ghosts from the past, skeletons from the closet and other revived clichés, the thin border between conscious and subconscious, theatre and real-life, explodes in a ground-breaking climax.

I first heard about it, when I was asked to help bring Israeli public to their performance in the Melkweg, some 5 years ago.

It was part of the English Theatre Festival in the Hague, and this genius comedy was invited to take part in it, after the organizers have seen it in the Edinburg Theatre Festival.]

Here’s the trailer of Repetory Theatre in English

I knew nothing about this play, but gladly helped promote Israeli stage culture in NL. It turned out to be a sold-out show in the Melkweg – and rightfully so!

It is such a surprising second act, that indeed, there’s no way to describe this comedy, except to say – it is intelligent and amazingly funny.

This brilliant comedy started as an experiment in a short-play festival in Israel, some 12 years ago. It was such a success, that from a one-act play the makers (playwright and actors) decided to add the second act – which puts the whole play upside down and lets the madness flow.

It is such a surprising second act, that indeed, there’s no way to describe this comedy, except to say – it is intelligent and amazingly funny.

Add to it the mind-blowing talent of the actors, Iftach Ophir and Erez Driguez (that are also, together, the directors) and indeed, you get a theatrical experience that you do want to see again, and again.

I know it, because I’ve seen it already 5 times, and I’m looking forward to seeing it three more times, when it comes to NL, next week.

There will be three shows, the first in English, on Friday, June 24th, in Amsterdam; the second in Hebrew, on Saturday, June 25th, in Amsterdam; and the third in Hebrew, on Sunday, June 26th, in the Hague.

As I write this, last tickets are still available, but when this will be published, it might be sold out…

There’s special reduction for groups of four people and more. Just send an email

See you there!


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